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If you have purchased a kitten from us and have not yet received the registration paperwork for that kitten, please fill out this form and we will get those papers to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

News and Random Posts

New litter coming up
Posted Jul 10, 2021
Dear client we are expecting amazing litter in 2 weeks. Kittens will be blue, blue white, lilac and lilac and white. My kittens very special. Home raised loved part of my family and socialized with my German Shephard baby who is the most loving dog. I guarantee the personality and love devoted to each one of them. I had some bad reviews about paperwork delayed. I promise all are pure breed and I will deal with each one of you on this matter. Life is busy and babies are pure as pure as it can be. Any questions please contact me directly. 847-848-2830. Love you all Julia.
New litter born April 18th 2019.
Posted Apr 23, 2019
We have a new litter of 6 kittens born a few days ago. Pictures will be coming end next week.
Posted Feb 21, 2019
Dear visitors and buyers. Please be very careful about purchasing kittens. Someone is using my kittens pictures to sell them at $450 with shipping. Shipping cost min $350 dollars for a small kitten. This scam site is Their email address is Again scammers have very attractive prices but they do not have real kittens.
New litter
Posted Mar 12, 2018
Hi guys! I know you have been waiting for new babies! We have new litter born 03/12/2018. Pictures are on the site. Babies are still very small. Better pics will be coming in 2 weeks. More like kitten looking :) Julia
Be aware!
Posted Mar 6, 2018
Please be aware that there are no people associated with me unless we have a contract electronically signed by me personally. That would be only coming from brigattos. You can also see my picture on my site. EVERYONE ELSE is scamming you. Only my phone messages from my phone is legit. My phone is 847-848-2830. Julia
New litter arrived
Posted Jul 26, 2017
We have a bundle of 3 babies born: 2 blues and 1 lilac baby.
Updated pictures
Posted Jul 16, 2017
All pictures are updated as of 2nd week of July, 2018. Also availability is updated on my site right away if kitten becomes " reserved".
Posted Sep 28, 2016
All pictures has been updated. As of 09/28/2016.
We have kittens and adult cats for adoption
Posted May 31, 2016
Check our available kittens page for newly updated pictures. Kittens are available in black, solid blue, and bi-color. If you have any questions, please contact us at 847-848-2830.
We got babies!!!!
Posted Feb 2, 2016
Sunday on February 21 st 2016 we had 5 beautiful babies born - 1 blue, 1 lilac, 1 white-chocolate and 2 black smokes.
Pictures and genders info are coming shortly.
Kittens pick up!
Posted Jan 11, 2016
Kittens could be picked on Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM.
Going to the show
Posted Jan 11, 2016
January 16, 2016
Cats Rule Cat Club
Racine Civic Center, Memorial Hall
72 7th Street
Racine, WI 53403
We are going to cat show - come and meet us!
Posted Sep 25, 2015
Brigattos Cattery is going to the cat show and we are going to show our wonderful stud - Bobby. Here are the details for you if you like to come:
October 10-11, 2015
Prairie State Cat Club
The Centre at North Park
10040 W. Addison Avenue
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Posted Jun 2, 2015
For everyone who purchased a cat from me and have not received pedigree paperwork please contact me by email and I will send it immediately.
I apologize for any delay but I had been very busy with daily work and some family emergencies. Thanks for understanding. My email is
If you feel you want to call me please contact me at 847-848-2860.
Best regards, Julia
New litter born May 15, 2015
Posted Jun 2, 2015
There is a new litter born from my lilac girl and my silver shaded boy. All kittens are big and chubby. Wonderful disposition. Pictures are coming soon.
Updated pictures
Posted Nov 10, 2014
Please check out the pictures updated of the litters born June 22nd and 21 st.
All kittens have wonderful personalities and ready to become family members and companions.
Kittens arrived 06/21/14 and 06/22/2014
Posted Jul 7, 2014
We have kittens that arrived on June 21st
3 girls
2 boys
Please send us an email to inquire.
We are going to cat show!
Posted Feb 23, 2014
Please see us at a cat show:
March 14-16, 2014
Show Hall: Arlington Heights Racetrack 2000 West Euclid Avenue Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Spring litters coming end March 2014
Posted Feb 5, 2014
We will be expecting a few litters in March and April 2014.
Kittens ready to go for Chrismas!!!
Posted Dec 2, 2013
Please check my available kittens and prices for
your Christmas gifts. Merry Holidays,Brigattos Team
Help save domestic short hair kittens!
Posted Sep 10, 2013
Hi everyone! I am asking for help me find good homes for kittens we found outside. The info about them is one my front page.
They all have been spayed/neutered micro chipped and vaccinated against rabies.
Everyone who is on waiting list!
Posted Jan 29, 2013
I would like to apologize to anyone who did not get email from the waiting list. I had many people on waiting and contacted everyone who wrote to me in chronological order. I have 4 litters on the way: Panda, Katerina, Bebe and Cleo. Please be patient and either call me again and speak with me personally.
New litter coming mid February.
Posted Jan 28, 2013
Panda and Sammy will have babies mid February in blue and black colors.
Brigatto's launched mobile site!
Posted Jan 28, 2013
Now available on your i-phones and android devices Brigatto's Mobile site. If you launch from you mobile device you will be automatically redirected to More features will be coming soon. Stay tuned!
New litters!
Posted Jan 24, 2013
Our Tasia (lilac girl) and Sammy (blue boy) welcomed 5 beautiful blue babies on 01/24/2013. Pictures will posted in one week. Gender's updates will be posted tomorrow 01/25/2013.
Brigattos cattery is going to the show!
Posted Oct 8, 2012
We are going to be attending a cat show on Oct 13-14th, 2012.
The Centre at North Park
10040 W. Addison Avenue
Franklin Park, IL 60131
See you there!
We are launching a newly redesigned site!
Posted Sep 4, 2012
Brigattos is launching a new site. We hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or anything you don't see or do not like please let us know. Simply send us an email at
Bristones jewelry - created by Marushka
Posted May 31, 2011
Brigattos partnered with Bristones. Please check out unique, made in USA, designer jewelry creations.
Jewelry from Bristones
Can British cats and other cats get along?
Posted Jan 26, 2010
Melissa's kitten! British Shorthairs cats get along well with other pets. Need proof?
Where our kittens live?
Posted Jan 11, 2010
Would you like to know where our little bundles of joy found new homes? Interested in references? We are pleased to announce our new live page Map of Adopted Cats.