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If you have purchased a kitten from us and have not yet received the registration paperwork for that kitten, please fill out this form and we will get those papers to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

About Us


Breeding is our hobby and we take full responsibility for breeding high quality, standard, healthy and well socialized Brits for you and your family. We live in one of the suburbs of Chicago. It is a small friendly neighborhood of Chicago North West suburbs area. Anyone familiar with the area would consider us located within 15 minutes drive from O'Hare international airport.

Since our childhood we were in love with animals, particularly with cats. Decision to breed British shorthairs came to us 22 years ago. Once you see a Brit, it is hard to forget a round "smiling face" with big round cheecks and burning eyes. For someone who is not very familiar with looks of this breed, we invite you to view our gallery where you can see pictures of some of our cats.

For those not familiar with the personality of these cats, we summarize some of the advantages of getting a Brit with respect to other breeds:

Our cattery is small and we plan on keeping it small. We raise kittens to live with a family and learn the habits and traditions of people in this family and not a cat family. Many people ask me about British kittens personalities. It's up to you to mold them into whatever you want. Are you patient and determined? Then your pets are in good hands.

Nevertheless, the time went by and 22 years later we are proud to admit that most of our litters are happy and healthy living cats all across the United States. Some of our kittens made up to the Triple and Quadruple Champions in TICA's shows and all of our breeding cats at least earned a grand champion title to make sure that we comply with TICA standards. We pay very close attention to the health of our cats. Therefore, before a kitten is released they receive all the nessesary vaccinations.

Brits are not cheap cats to buy. Neither is it cheap for breeders to raise them or buy the breeding stock. Believe it or not, but it takes a lot from a family budget to raise, breed, feed and show those beautiful creatures to make them available for you. Please refrain from negotiating the prices. I would like to say thank you for your interest in our cats and all living beings.

With love and respect,
The Brigattos Team