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If you have purchased a kitten from us and have not yet received the registration paperwork for that kitten, please fill out this form and we will get those papers to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

About Your New Kitten

Things to Buy Before Bringing a New Kitten Home

1. Litter Pan
  I strongly recommend buying a large (giant) litter pan without cover. It is a lot easier to clean.   (view image)
Recommended dimensions: 34.63"L X 19.75"W X 10"H
At this time we are using "Fresh Step" scoopable brand to fill our litter pans.
2. Food and Water Bowls
  Do not use plastic bowls. Bowls made of ceramic are preferred.
3. Scratching Post
  Preferably buy one per each room where you have furniture.
Please place a post in the middle of each room.
After awhile you can move the post to the corner.
4. Cat Tree

Recommended Veterinarian for Treatments, Spay or Neuter

vet Maksim Illykhin, DVM
414 East Route 176
Island lake, IL 60042
Island Lake Vet Clinic Website
Map and Directions

How We Raise Your Kitten

Our kittens are a part of the family. We have no reservations that our cats are trustworthy in a family setting. New kitten's owner will receive a sales contract, authenticity of pedigree blood line and a health guarantee. You will receive a goodie bag and all the help and advise you may need with the raising of your kitten. Kittens will be litter trained by that time, scratch post trained, fully weaned, partially or fully vaccinated, and dewormed. Rabies vaccine will not be administered as it is not required until 4 months of age. Medical records will be provided. Upon neutering at the age of 6-8 months you will be able to obtain a copy of kitten's pedigree from TICA. Please submit a copy of your vet bill by mail/email and I will send you all the necessary documentation.

Our kittens will stay with us until 12 weeks of age. No exceptions! However, if you need to make special arrangements and pick your kittens at a later time please do ask me about that. All the adults cats were FIV and PKD tested negative, and also tested on the blood compatibility. Although, we strive for the best breed standards, the health of our animals is very important to us, as we place greater emphasis on healthy animals than on titles and awards. Twice a year we participate at local TICA shows. To find out show schedules please visit TICA website.

The new owners will be very carefully selected; however if at some point we do not feel comfortable with placing a kitten with new owner we might refuse to sell a kitten even if the deposit is paid. If we refuse to sell - the deposit will be returned, but if the new owner decides not to take the kitten then the deposit will be NOT be returned. The first three weeks of life kittens spend with their mother in the birthing box so the young family receives the necessary peace. As early as 4 weeks we will put a litter box for them to start early training. This is the time when their first pictures come to our nursery page, so new owners can keep track of their growth and development. By the age of 6 weeks kittens will be using litter box to its full extent. When kittens reach the 6 week mark the new owners may visit them.

Around week 9 after birth kittens are moved to our stud Sammy and he trains them some martial arts techniques. Many of our buyers have other animals such as older cats and dogs. I think it is imperative for the kitten to be exposed to bigger cats and learn how to defend themselves. This has worked out very well for the kittens and I have complete confidence in their abilities to fit in and survive the new environments.

My goal is to breed healthy, well mannered and beautiful British Shorthaired cats. There is a lot that goes into a breeding program that makes kittens available for you: cost of stock, time, cost of food and medical attention. Please do not negotiate the prices. There are no discounts if you buy more than one. We intend to breed females once (sometimes twice if a previous litter was 1-2 kittens) a year. Therefore the quantities of kittens are limited.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me using any means listed on the contact page.

Kittens could be nerveous for the first few days in their new homes. Please pay a lot of attention to the baby and handle them with care.

Enjoy your new baby!